The IGOODI A-Commerce

Welcome to the first Avatar-Commerce in the world where every product and service has added value thanks to the IGOODI Avatar with Smart Body: a photorealistic 3D copy, including anthropometric data of the user's real body. Here you can access and purchase products and services remotely, saving time and travel.

The 3D Avatar

It is all you need to take advantage of this new way of shopping online. The IGOODI Avatar is useful because it is the exact photorealistic 3D virtual copy of the real person and includes his or her physical measurements, body mass index (BMI) and Body Shape.

The Digital Sculpture

A high-definition 3D digital sculpture that portrays the original real subject with extreme accuracy. A true digital design object, which enhances the uniqueness of each person and which, thanks to a special scanning process, allows the user to choose at will which clothing to wear and which pose to adopt during the shoot, to create a photorealistic and much personalised 3D work.


Download the App

You can book your scan, manage your 3D Avatar and access the world of IGOODI services.