Try the experience of The Gate: an automated body scanner designed around the human form, which records your real body to create a 3D Avatar identical to you in every detail
In the IGOODI Showrooms, you will experience a body scanner cabin with photogrammetric technology, able to detect with millimetre precision every detail of the human body. The scanning process of the physical body is decisive for the creation of an optimal 3D Avatar: the higher the accuracy of the detection, the more faithful the digital copy will be to the original real subject. The Body scanner The Gate, designed and patented by IGOODI, is a concentrate of high sensor and photogrammetric technology, which in a single shot records a high-resolution image of the subject and detects its physicality with millimetre precision. With the information obtained, the IGOODI platform is able to create a photorealistic three-dimensional Avatar complete with Smart Body, useful for accessing the digital world with one's own exact 3D image and anthropometric data. The Gate experience is innovative, extremely easy and completely automated, starting with the booking process, which can be done directly via the App. Once you have booked and seen our recommendations for an optimal scan, you go to our Showroom. Inside the booth, the scanning process is fully automated, takes just a few minutes and is assisted at every stage by an Avatar guide. Within a maximum of 72 hours after the scan, you receive your 3D Avatar complete with Smart Body directly in the IGOODI App. The IGOODI Avatars are designed to provide the user with a new tool for accessing the digital world, one that is pleasant and entertaining but above all useful, capable of simplifying real life by saving time thanks to remote access to goods and services with one's own data and image, without the need for physical presence. This also supports new sustainable behaviours.

THE GATE: The gateway to the digital world

IGOODI's automatic Body Scanner, designed around the shape of the human body and based on photogrammetric technology, records every detail of the physical person in one click. The process is entirely automated and harmless to the subject. The experience is easy, fast, innovative and assisted by an Avatar guide. The scan can be booked on the IGOODI App and is carried out at our showrooms in Milan and Turin.

3D Avatar Scanning

Generates a photorealistic 3D Avatar including Smart Body designed for online shopping and access to fully remote consulting services. It simplifies real life and is always at your fingertips on your smartphone. With your Avatar, you can take advantage of the products and services on offer in A-Commerce and the features in the App. To get the best Avatar possible, it is important to consult our Scanning Tips before going into the showroom.

3D Digital Sculpture Scan

Generate a perfect 3D digital sculpture, as unique as your original subject and true to every detail. A virtual three-dimensional portrait, in high definition and with clothing and pose of your choice: an original opportunity to offer as a gift. From the sculpture, you can obtain a 3D printed statuette in the size and biocompatible material of your choice. To obtain an optimal Digital Sculpture, it is important to consult our Scanning Tips before coming to the showroom.

IGOODI Showrooms

Physical stores where you can scan your body by using The Gate Bodyscanner. Book and go to the Gate nearest to you to get your own 3D Avatar equipped with Smart Body. The IGOODI Showrooms are located in the centre of Milan and at the Fashion floor of the Green Pea Retail Park in Turin.

Simple and fast

The experience is easy and the scanning process only lasts one click


An Avatar guide will accompany you throughout the fully automated scanning process


No rays or lasers; only the simultaneous shooting of dozens of photo lenses


Millimetre accuracy in detecting the image and volume of the real body

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