Enhance your uniqueness with a perfect digital Alter Ego and remotely access products and services tailored to your physical measurements and characteristics
In an increasingly digital age, thanks to its advanced technological platform, IGOODI takes you into the future with a new generation of Avatars. IGOODI Avatars are unique and perfect 3D copies of real people with a double added value: on the one hand, they are Avatars with high photorealistic quality, identical in every detail to the original subject, and on the other, they make each body, transformed into bits, become "smart", thus generating a series of useful data to get to know each other better and to enable new services in various fields of application that can be used in A-Commerce. In order to obtain your Avatar, you need to carry out a scanning process in The GATE Bodyscanner, which is based on the most advanced photogrammetric technology and is a pleasantly innovative experience that lasts just a few minutes. Following the scan, the Avatarisation process starts, allowing you to receive your Avatar directly on the IGOODI App. It will be possible to visualise our Avatar in 3D and always have a whole series of information about our body at hand, such as: anthropometric measurements, fat mass, lean body mass and body mass indices, a personalised size chart and an analysis of our Body Shape, on the basis of which we will have a set of useful style and clothing tips to enhance our body. Once you receive the Avatar, you will be able to access all the services available on A'commerce and thanks to the data contained in the Smart Body, the Avatar becomes a perfect online personal shopper to purchase clothing without the hassle of returns or to order made-to-measure clothing directly from remote. It will be possible to purchase personal trainer consultations online, so as to improve Sport & Fitness training programmes. Likewise, it will be possible to consult a nutritionist dietician online for dedicated advice. The IGOODI Avatars are designed with the aim of providing the user with a new tool for accessing the digital world, which is pleasant and entertaining but above all useful, capable of simplifying real life by saving time thanks to remote access to goods and services with one's own data and image without the need to be physically present. Furthermore, this also supports new sustainable behaviours.

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Identical to you

The Avatar is a perfect 3D copy of yourself, both in terms of graphics and morphology. Thanks to your Avatar, you can access goods and services of the digital world as if you were doing it with your physical body. Because the IGOODI Avatar is unique, just as you are unique.
Thanks to IGOODI, your body becomes "smart", thus integrating to the Avatar a complete dataset of information about your physicality useful for an innovative and personalised online shopping.

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A Smart Body for the digital world
Know your body better: in addition to being able to look at you at 360° and from all angles, you will be able to know, with extreme precision, all the measurements of your physical body at the time of scanning directly within the IGOODI App
All the measurements of your real body
Knowing the proportions of your shape means knowing the strengths of your physique: this information is fundamental for personal style and clothing choices. Once you have created your IGOODI Avatar, you will know your exact Body shape to enhance your morphology
Body Shape Analysis
The IGOODI Smart Body contains your Fat Mass, Lean Body Mass and Body Mass Indexes (BMI), which are important for knowing your fitness weight status and planning training programmes with online personal trainers or accessing nutrition advice. By comparing successive scans, you can check your state of well-being over time
Know your mass indexes
With your physical measurements, our system determines a personalised size chart for digital shopping of fashion garments, avoiding the problem of returns. This saves time and unnecessary consumption (packaging, transport) for the environment. Convenient for you and sustainable for the planet.
Size chart for online shopping
The ideal outfit to enhance your body shape: which cuts and volumes suit you best, which garments are best avoided or how to use accessories to your advantage. With the IGOODI Smart Body, you have advice and strategies to make your figure stand out to the full.
Personalised style tips

A Smart Body for the digital world

Thanks to IGOODI, your body becomes "smart", thus integrating to the Avatar a complete dataset of information about your physicality useful for an innovative and personalised online shopping.

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Your Avatar in the time of a click

Come to an IGOODI Showroom and experience The Gate, our futuristic automatic body scanner that captures every detail of your figure in the time of a click. The scan takes just a few minutes and is a totally harmless process. You will then receive your IGOODI Avatar directly in the App. Everything is easier, more convenient and more fun

A-Commerce: the new Online Shopping

Access a marketplace designed for your Avatar where you can buy clothing online with the certainty of the right size, or access telesales services with your body measurements. You can plan training sessions with a Virtual Fitness Trainer or personalised diets with your nutritionist and thanks to the Smart Body, you can do everything remotely, saving time and the environment.

Useful for you, sustainable for the planet.

Avatar and Smart Body are designed by IGOODI to help you replace your physical body on all those occasions when being present in person is necessary, but not essential. Thanks to your realistic Avatar, you can save time, energy and behave in a sustainable way, all to the benefit of real life

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