Customise and animate your photorealistic Avatar with the features of the IGOODI App. You can take photos and videos also in AR to create original 3D contents to share on your Social Networks
The IGOODI 3D Avatar transfers the person from the real world to the digital one, maintaining every detail of the original image and figure. A perfect virtual 3D Alter Ego capable of making movements thanks to the different animations available on the App and totally customisable in terms of background colours and outfit type according to the virtual style you want. Clothing and movements can be changed at will at any time. Personal creativity is fuelled by the possibility of taking photos or making videos of one's Avatar with different animations, of projecting it in AR in the surrounding real environments. Your Avatar can become the 3D protagonist of social posts or IG Stories. The IGOODI Avatars are designed to provide the user with a new tool to access the digital world, which is not only pleasant and entertaining but also useful, capable of simplifying real life, saving time by accessing goods and services remotely with one's own data and image without the need for physical presence. This also supports new sustainable behaviours.

Create the Avatar Look

You have a whole wardrobe of T-shirt colours and icons, as well as different trouser styles to customise your 3D Avatar's outfit. You can also choose which shades of colour you want to add to the Avatar's surroundings. Moreover, you can change everything every time your imagination suggests a different style for your digital Alter Ego to wear.

Bring the Avatar to life

Get into the action with your 3D Avatar thanks to a library of different dances and animations. Select the movement and the Avatar comes alive for as long as you want.

Create in 3D

Experience the world of new 3D content as a creator. You can take a picture of your photorealistic Avatar to create an original 3D version. Make 3D videos with yourself as the star. In addition, with the AR function, take photos and clips of your 3D Avatar projected into the real world.


In no time, you can learn how to customise and manage your 3D Avatar


Create and share 3D digital contents with yourself as the protagonist


You are a designer, photographer and director of new 3D multimedia content in A.R.


Engage friends and surprise followers with your Avatar

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