With your Smart Body, you can access fashion that is completely personalised to your image, your measurements and your style choices. More comfortable for you and eco-friendly.
The IGOODI Avatar is an innovative and useful tool always at hand, making it convenient, personalised and easy for anyone to access Fashion & Style goods and services online. The scanning accuracy of The Gate cabin not only generates a photorealistic 3D virtual copy identical to the original, but, thanks to Smart Body, it adds a complete dataset of physical measurements, size table, analysis of the individual body shape and clothing recommendations to enhance it. In this way, it is possible to know the correct size of a garment that you would like to buy on E-commerce, facilitating your choice and avoiding the hassle of returns, with a net saving for the environment in terms of packaging and transport. Ordering classic made-to-measure clothing or sportswear also becomes easier, optimising your time and avoiding unnecessary travel. This process offers the certainty of an amazing tailoring result, the possibility to turn to professionals even far away and at the same time act in a sustainable way for the planet. The same advantages are available to those who want to take care of their look by turning to online style and image consultants: through the client's Avatar and Smart Body, experts are able to develop a personalised consultation. The IGOODI Avatars are designed to provide the user with a new means of accessing the digital world, which is pleasant and fun, but above all useful, capable of simplifying real life by saving time through remote access to goods and services with one's own data and image, without the need for physical presence. Thus supporting new sustainable behaviours.

Your Measures

At your fingertips to facilitate online shopping

Your Size

For online shopping, limiting returns

Your Body Shape

To enhance the uniqueness of your body according to your style

Personalised shopping

Buy clothing with confidence, thanks to Check Size, IGOODI recommends the correct size for you based on the exact physical measurements of your Avatar. Choose the item, compare the size and buy. Give space to your style without the hassle of returns, save time and support the environment by avoiding unnecessary packaging and transport

Made to Measure tailoring

You can order and purchase classic, casual or sporty tailoring online, made to measure for your body without the need to be physically present for measurements and fittings. Your Avatar and Smart Body contain all the information you need to make a made to measure product. No commuting, no harm to the planet

Online Style & Image Consultancy

With your Avatar and the indication of your Body Shape, provided by the Smart Body, you can consult Style and Image experts online, wherever they are. It is a convenient and sustainable way to get experts’ opinions on the clothes, shapes and colours that suit you best and create the look that best enhances you


The 3D Avatar and Smart Body make online shopping and style choices easy


Online fashion designed on you with your image and measurements


Do everything remotely with your real data. Every purchase is made to measure


With the 3D Avatar, you save unnecessary consumption and support greener fashion

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