A digital 3D Sculpture in your perfect image, as unique as you are. Also 3D printable for an original personalised statue
Thanks to the accuracy of the scanning process, each IGOODI Digital Sculpture is a valuable example of 3D virtual design that faithfully depicts the actual subject matter. In order to generate a 3D digital sculpture that corresponds perfectly to the individual in every detail, we have designed a special scanning process that not only produces a volumetric digital sculpture that matches the real thing, but also gives the customer the freedom to creatively customise their 3D image. Within a range of possibilities, it is possible to choose the clothing to be worn for the shot, and the scan can be carried out together with another person or with children in arms. To get the best possible result from the experience it is very useful to consult our Scanning Tips before going to the showroom. Like all IGOODI solutions, getting your 3D Digital Sculpture is easy: you can book it from the App AND, once in the showroom; the scanning process is fully automated and takes just a few minutes. If you want your Digital Sculpture to also become a 3D Statue in biocompatible materials, simply log in to A-commerce and access the 3D print area to have it reproduced in the size and number of copies of your choice. The IGOODI services are designed to provide the user with a new tool for accessing the digital world, which is pleasant and fun but above all useful, capable of simplifying real life by saving time thanks to remote access to goods and services with one's own data and image without the need for physical presence. This also supports new sustainable behaviours.

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Thanks to digital sculpture, you can have a printed statue 3D

Digital Sculpture

It is a special type of scan dedicated to reproducing a high-definition virtual copy of the real subject, faithful in colour and in the smallest details. The result is a true three-dimensional sculpture of yourself made of bits. Within a range of possibilities, you can choose the clothing to wear and you can scan in pairs or holding children in your arms. An innovative idea and an original experience to give as a gift

3D Print

Thanks to the accuracy of the Sculpture 3D data, it is possible to obtain a 3D print that is perfect in colour and detail, printable in different sizes and in the desired number of copies.


Everything is automated: from the scanning process with the Avatar guide, to receiving the Sculpture directly in the App


A virtual 3D sculpture that depicts you in every detail. It's you but made of bits


Interpret the Sculpture by choosing the desired pose and outfit, also for couples and with children in arms


The whole process is digital, thus reducing consumption of materials and the environment

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