Schedule your workouts online with Sport & Fitness personal trainers and access wellness and nutrition teleconsultations. Do it all with your Smart Body
Avatar and Smart Body are identical to the real body in their conformation and anthropometric data and allow you to monitor and improve your fitness and health remotely. The scanning accuracy of The Gate cabin detects the person's body conformation, their anthropometric measurements, Body Mass Index (BMI), Fat Mass, Lean Mass and generates a digital body identical to the real subject: a 3D Avatar equipped with Smart Body. This information enables teleconsultation services with Sport & Fitness Personal Trainers, wherever they are, in order to obtain personalised training programmes based on one's current condition. The Smart Body data also enables teleconsultation services with professional nutritionists. The consultant is able to check the person's physical condition and fitness weight and can plan a personalised health programme online. Performing periodic scans also allows you to monitor the changes in your body and optimise your training and nutritional plans. IGOODI Avatars are designed to provide the user with a new tool for accessing the digital world, one that is pleasant and entertaining but above all useful, capable of simplifying real life by saving time thanks to remote access to goods and services with one's own data and image without the need to be physically present. Furthermore, this also supports new sustainable behaviours.

Certify your body

Transfer the exact measurements of your body to the digital world

Check your indexes

Know your body and monitor your fitness status

Personalised programmes

Thanks to your Avatar and directly from remote

Monitor your progress

Periodic scans update your Smart Body and monitor your progress over time

Online Sport & Fitness Training

With your 3D body, your physical measurements and your anthropometric data always at hand, Personal Trainers can set up training programmes remotely based on your current state of fitness. Through successive scans, they can record the progress of your body and optimise new programmes.

Online Nutrition & Wellness Consultancy

Based on your Avatar and the Smart Body data, expert nutritionists have all the information required for a personalised teleconsultation to configure diet and wellness programmes tailored to your needs. Through periodic scans, they can monitor your health and fitness status and update your prescriptions.


Train your body, monitor progress and support your wellbeing remotely


Receive programmes and get advice based on your current state of fitness


Save travel and time, just focus on getting fit and healthy


With the digital body, you reduce your real consumption and look after your well-being and that of the planet


The products and services will be available soon.

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