Officine Ottiche Italiane

Officine Ottiche Italiane is a reality that has been operating in the eyewear sector for over 35 years, initially aimed at the B2B market in 2008 it opens to the public and in a few years comes to count over 10 directly managed points of sale in Liguria and Piedmont and about 134,000 satisfied customers. Thanks to the in-house production of ophthalmic lenses and frames, it is in fact possible to buy eyeglasses and sunglasses at extremely advantageous prices for any type of need without sacrificing quality.

Today, thanks to the partnership with Igoodi, it is possible to purchase our products even from overseas, with the help of avatars we can detect each specific parameter of the person's face exactly as if it were one of our physical stores. The advanced tools developed by the Igoodi team allow us to perfectly detect every measure of a person's face such as the interpupillary distance.

This, therefore, allows us to create tailored frames and perfectly tailored lenses, guaranteeing extreme comfort and high-performance lenses.