Sofia Provera

Here in Italy we say to see with the eyes of a child".
I am lucky because even today I observe with those eyes full of wonder and I am able to be moved by a bobbin embroidery made completely by hand or a hidden seam stitched with great wisdom.
I live in my world of dreams, poetry, and romance, but I'm also down to earth. From an early age, I loved this world and at 15 I started making my creations.

A few months after graduating in "Industrial Technical Design" at Politecnico di Milano, I opened my Atelier and now I make your dreams come true.

How to purchase a customized garment
First, you need to purchase the Bust Pack, the print of your bust obtained directly from your avatar.

Within two weeks I will contact you by video call to define the customization of the product, and you can also ask me a sample of the fabric. We will settle all the details and any price changes, and you can proceed with the purchase of the garment.

If you already have a Bust Pack and want another item, contact IGOODI to schedule the video call. If your measurements have changed, you can book a new scan and update your Bust Pack.