Elsa Pagano

Face Morphological analysis



The purpose of this analysis is to give harmony to your figure through the study of the face.

I use a simple tape measure and, on the basis of objective techniques and parameters, I show you every useful strategy to emphasize the strengths of your face and, at the same time, to divert attention from its critical points.

Knowing the right camouflage techniques will help you in a simple and substantial way to enhance and appreciate yourself, in favor of greater self-esteem and security that you will certainly transmit to the outside in every situation.

At the end of the analysis I will issue you a memorandum containing all the tricks to choose the best haircuts and hair colors, as well as suggestions on the shape and size of accessories and on the haircut.


Beyond any ideal physique, the goal of each of us should be to have an appearance at the top of our possibilities, which makes us feel absolutely at ease, always in tune with ourselves, without any feeling of inadequacy and away from any inferiority complex.

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