Elsa Pagano

Style Analysis



The style analysis begins with a cognitive interview, in which I will ask you some questions about yourself, your tastes, and your lifestyle, which will allow me to begin to outline your style and any intrinsic and potential sub-styles. After this interview, through the support of magazines and/or the web, we will try to understand your stylistic aspirations.

At this point, with all the elements at my disposal, I will be able to define for you some outfit proposals for different moments of the day, which will be the maximum expression of coherence between your personality, your lifestyle, and your style needs.

At the end of this path, I will give you the outfit proposals and, if you wish, we can subsequently think of recreating them concretely using the items of your wardrobe and/or with a personal shopping session.


The goal is to find the maximum expression between personality and clothing through the study of outfits that are perfect in shape, color, and style, with which to feel in line with yourself and confident in any situation.

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