Sofia Provera

Bust Pack


In order to receive your customized garment, you need to purchase the Bust Pack, the print of your bust obtained directly from your avatar.

Within two weeks of buying the Bust Pack, Sofia will contact you on video call to define the customization of the product, and you can also ask for a sample of the fabric.
You will define together all the details of the work and any price changes to the price list, and you can proceed with the purchase of the garment to measure with a bank transfer, with the indications provided by Sofia during the video call.

Before shipping Sofia will arrange a second video call to show you the product. If needed, she will adjust any small detail changes and show them in a final video call.

N.B. Video calls will be recorded and stored in Sofia's archive, so she can easily access the agreed details.

If you have already purchased a Bust Pack and want a new custom made garment, contact us to schedule your video call. If your measurements have changed, you can book a new scan and update your Bust Pack.

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